About Us


Cooperate Name: ELE-MART CO.,LTD.
Established: 9th December 2002
Registered Capital: THB฿30,000,000(US$ 882,000.00)
Head Office: 62 Soi Prayasurane 20, Prayasurane Road, Bangchan, Klongsamwa, Bangkok 10510 Thailand
E-mail Address: elemart@cscoms.com
Telephone: +66-02-5406124-7
Fax: +66-02-5406141

Managing Director: Mr. Thapchai Varavudhi

The Company's Vision Statement

We believe our first responsibility to all those who use our products. It is through the establishment to long term relationships with the professionals in the elevator industry that we aim to achieve sufficient profits to finance further company growth and achieve our other corporate objectives.

We believe that meeting the needs of our customers and end users of our products is fundamental to fulfilling our mission. We strive to adhear to appropriately high standards of business conduct and civic responsibily, to continually embark on self-improvement by the development of tools, training and education for ourselves and our employees and to be creative, motivated and responsible members of the elevator industry.

We are self critical and are continually evaluating our performance. We encourage constructive criticism and welcome suggestions on how we can better meet your needs. We constantly strive to obtain a better understanding of the market needs and by your participation in this learning curve we feel we are in a prime position to meet them fully.

We at Ele-Mart strive to act with integrity, competance, dignity, and in an ethical manner when dealing with the public, clients, employers, employees and fellow business associate, in as far as we are able. We also strive to maintain and improve our competence and expertise in our field in order to provide only the highest quality products and workmanship.

Our commitments are paramount and we will do everything in our power to meet them. We will pull all available resources as well as ther expertise and experience of our more established branches to improve service delivery.

About Company

Established in the year 2002 with sufficient experience in the elevator industry, we are a leading manufacturer, importer and supplier of a comprehensive range of high quality elevator and escalator replacement parts for all major elevator brands. We are supplying spare parts to all famous elevator companies across the world with more than 80 independent local elevator companies in Thailand itself. Besides spare parts, we provide complete elevator mechanical packages, complete elevator systems for new installation and modernization according to customer requirements.

The Ele-Mart design team consists of highly skilled and experienced engineers, backed by an experienced and dedicated workforce which takes exceptional pride in their product and work. These resources maintain Ele-Mart's position at the forefront of technology and innovation in elevator and escalator systems.

Today, Ele-Mart remains a family-owned company with several employees committed at competitive prices, prompt delivery, excellent after sale service and absolute guarantee. We always evaluate all aspects of product and service in order to meet both current and future customer needs.

Our office, showroom and warehouse are all in the same place as below photos.

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